FBL16361  Oslo peacock fountain outside national thatre  FBL16366  retired musicians  FBL16377  celebrating ...  FBL16379  FBL16415  viking ship in viking ship museum  FBL16427  thor heyerdahl  raft ra ii 
FBL16433  diver statue  FBL16438  typical bold dog  FBL16453  opera roof  FBL16454  FBL16462  Oslo fort guard  FBL16466 
FBL16480  art to sit on  FBL16484  FBL16497  geldwisselaars in tempel  FBL16500  FBL16520  train station between Oslo and Bergen  FBL16545  between Oslo and Bergen 
FBL16565  FBL16585  FBL16615  Bergen  FBL16620  trol  FBL16652  Bryggen, Hanseatic buildings Bergen  FBL16653 
FBL16627  Brygge  FBL16640  FBL16644  FBL16651  fish was everything  FBL16668  house of Grieg : Grieg  FBL16677 
FBL16699  FBL16705  FBL16711  FBL16722  FBL16754  FBL16769 
FBL16827  FBL16832  FBL16843  FBL16849  FBL16853 : waterval  FBL16854 
FBL16866  FBL16868  FBL16877  Borgund Stave Church, staafkerk van Borgund, was built sometime between 1180 and 1250 AD : kerk  FBL16897  FBL16900  FBL16901  Borgund Stave Church, belltower in front 
FBL16921  FBL16945 : waterval  FBL16961  art in the middle of nowhere : kunst  FBL16973  FBL16989  FBL16992 
FBL17015  FBL17040  newspaper delivery  FBL17041  FBL17069  FBL17083 : waterval  FBL17085 : waterval 
FBL17112  FBL17116  FBL17125  FBL17126 : station  FBL17131  FBL17150 
FBL17154  FBL17155  FBL17157  FBL17161  FBL17170  FBL17171 
FBL17186  Nidaros Cathedral, Trondheim  FBL17188  statues in front  FBL17199  Nidaros Cathedral, merchant  FBL17202  gargoyles  FBL17220  gargoyle of man  FBL17228  Kristiansten Fortress, Trondheim, from 1681 
FBL17233  old storehouses at Nidelva river, Trondheim  FBL17269  FBL17338  celebrating the crossing of polar circle, poolcirkel  FBL17350  special stamp  FBL17357  FBL17366  Bodø, stop on Hurtigruten(boat) 
FBL17373  Bodø  FBL17379  Bodø, wallpainting of painting wall  FBL17386  Hurtigruten, the boat  FBL17409  FBL17427  lighthouse  FBL17504  lighthouse in rainy weather 
FBL17523  Kabelvag Church, biggest wooden church Norht Norway  FBL17539  attention moose!  FBL17541  FBL17545  FBL17571  FBL17583 
FBL17584  FBL17608  FBL17615  FBL17617  FBL17639  Nusfjord, Lofoten, fishing village  FBL17641 
FBL17648  dried fish, stockfish, unsalted fish, especially cod, dried by cold air and wind on wooden racks  FBL17649  FBL17661  FBL17671  FBL17676  FBL17677 
FBL17682  FBL17684  FBL17685  FBL17688  stockfish, unsalted fish  FBL17711  stockfish, unsalted fish  FBL17718  Å, Lofoten 
FBL17722  Å, Lofoten  FBL17733  FBL17738  FBL17757  FBL17767  FBL17779 
FBL17782  FBL17792  FBL17813  FBL17818  FBL17822  FBL17828 
FBL17835  FBL17848  FBL17854  FBL17860  FBL17881  FBL17887 
FBL17917  puffins, birdexcursion from Bleik  FBL17941  the skipper  FBL17993  FBL18005  puffin  FBL18041  Bleik  FBL18046 
FBL18049  Bleik, longest beach of Norway  FBL18055  FBL18072  Andenes, very colourfull  FBL18093  common tern, visdief, very protective of their nest  FBL18116  FBL18136  Gryllefjord 
FBL18143  FBL18172  FBL18178  FBL18184  FBL18202  FBL18211 
FBL18216  FBL18224  FBL18225  interesting couple...  FBL18236  FBL18243  FBL18250 
FBL18256  Troms  FBL18261  FBL18285  FBL18287  FBL18298  FBL18309 
FBL18310  FBL18349  FBL18359  FBL18371  FBL18379  FBL18384 
FBL18385  FBL18390  Oslo again  FBL18397  Oslo, city hall,  FBL18398  FBL18405  FBL18407 
FBL18415  Oslo, city hall, outside, depictions of motifs from the Poetic Edda  FBL18419  FBL18426  FBL18429  Oslo, shopping on electronic step  FBL18457  Oslo, the police is watching you  FBL18464  Oslo, ice cream stall 
FBL18487  Oslo,spray paint artist  FBL norway 2019 itinerary  route